Khaye LM spokeskid

Khaye LM spokeskid

Do you have a Liddle Middle?

Belts, Suspenders and Accessories for cool kids!


* 3 adjustable sizes to fit kids from first toddle to 10!
based on typical sizing - (S) 10mo-2yr, (M) 3yr-6yr, (L) 7yr-10yr

2 inches of colorful elastic is attached at the buckle so that potty trainers will never have a problem... Don't un-buckle, just pull it all down, then pull it all up! (consequently, this also extends years of wear for quickly growing kids)
* 2 closure options Classic D-ring & Clamp Buckle
* 2 adjustable sizes (S/M) 10 mo-4yr, (M/L) 5yr-10y
* Colorful elastic is attached at the back to add some give for comfort.
* Choose from bright colored enameled star clips or cartoon printed circle clips.

Made with only high quality ribbons - vintage & vintage inspired woven jacquard and laser printed grosgrain, sewn onto highest grade nylon & cotton webbing. And I promise that each belt is handmade with love!

1 Fish 2 Fish...

 One Fish, Two Fish...
Woven fishies on navy taffeta with metallic thread detail (but actually, they're really swimming!!!)

Pink Fish
Woven pink, yellow and sky blue fishies on navy taffeta ribbon

Blue Fish
Woven royal blue, sky blue and turquoise fishies on navy taffeta ribbon

Sorry!! Blue Fish is currently sold out.  If you don't mind waiting for it, place your order and we'll get it to you as soon as it's available.
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Buckle Style